Tuesday, October 10, 2006

There's someone in our house!!!!

That's how I woke up my husband this morning after I heard glass shatter downstairs. Someone had broken into our home. I grabbed the phone and called 911. The husband jumped up and started to go downstairs. Ummm NO!!! Bad idea!! Just wait till the police arrive. They did arrive within about 5 minutes and I was on the line with the 911 operator the entire time. We hear lots of yelling and banging and then "Get on the ground!!! Get on the ground!!!" The police had arrested the intruder in our driveway.

The operator told me the police wanted us to go to the front door so we did. They showed us the intruder and asked if we knew him. He'd told them that we called him and asked him to come over.
Uhh yeah, whatever Loser.
And we told you that if you tried the front door and it was locked, just go ahead and bust through the backdoor, right? Idiot.
No, we didn't know him. He also told them he was with someone, so they had to come in and search the house and basement. There was no one else.

Amazingly, no one was hurt, not one item was taken, and besides our comfort level all that is damaged is the privacy fence which the police kicked in, and the back door which the intruder busted through.
Not exactly the way we wanted to start our day, but oh well.

Hubby went ahead and headed off to work, only to call me a bit later and tell me that his car had died on the side of the road!!!
What a morning!

I have a lot of orders right now, so if I'm working on something for you give me an extra day or two to get it out please. :) Life has taken over for today and I may not get many orders mailed.


My Trendy Tykes said...

OMG Beki! I am glad everyone is ok. How scary that must be. Were the kids sleeping??


Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Yep, the kids were sleeping through the entire ordeal. I can't imagine what they'd have thought if they woke up in the middle of it though!