Sunday, November 05, 2006

Happy Sunday!!

Well I'm passing time doing everything short of standing on my head trying to get this breech baby to turn the right direction. If I were more agile, I might even try that though. ;-) There's been a LOT of movement going on, but I can't tell what position the baby is in now. So we'll have to wait and see.

On a different topic, when do you put up your Christmas decorations? I'm having the urge to do it already! Too early, ya think? I should be having the urge to do something productive like CLEAN, but instead I want to do fun stuff like decorate... :)

Oh! On another TOTALLY different note (this is truly how my brain works, bouncing from one random thing to another), I'd mentioned my pumpkin craving. I saw an ad in a magazine several weeks ago for pumpkin spice coffee creamer and I've been on the hunt for it. I've checked every grocery store in town, only to nearly cry when I discover that they don't have it. :( I even went to a convenience store the other day just sure that they'd at least have pumpkin latte in those fancy coffee machines. The girl working told me, "Oh we had it but just got rid of it this morning and replaced it with candy cane coffee." I just about cried. (We're in a small town and don't have Starbuck's here.)

Anyway, I found the beloved creamer this morning at WalMart!!! And yes, it's everything I thought it would be. And more. WOOOHOOOO!!!!! My life is now complete... for the time being.


Anonymous said...

The local radio station is playing all Christmas music now.

Lisa said...

In the past, I put decorations up the weekend after Thanksgiving. That was BC though (before child). Now I feel like I'm doing well to gave a tree up the week before Christmas and don't even bring out the bulk of the decorations. I think it will be easier this year since Zoe is older and can help (in the past she thought she was helping but I didn't always agree ;-)).

Yum, I'll have to look for that creamer. I'm not usually a coffee drinker but love the flavored concoctions that are more dessert than coffee. I have been mixing eggnog with my spiced chai for a treat to get me in the mood for the approaching holidays.

PSBBDesigns said...

When my DD was breech all I needed to do was schedule the c-section. When they opened me up, there she was turned the right way.

Basically, she's still the same lil' stinker. :-)


PSBBDesigns said...

As for the pumpkin craving...International Coffees has a pumpkin spice flavor that I like.

Also, Circle K gas station/stores here in central IL has a pumpkin spice coffee. They aren't decaf though if that is something you want.