Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Mmmmm, yummy!

My daughter won a free ice cream cone for a job well done in school, so I took her to Braum's to get it. Every year at this time they have the MOST DELICIOUS egg nog and pumpkin ice creams! I have to say that I normally don't even like ice cream. Strange, I know. But I really don't. However, these two kinds I will eat and completely enjoy. She got an egg nog cone and I had a pumpkin shake and we shared and it was fabulous. Our men were out golfing so we just had a little "girl date", as she calls it, and it was a great time that we both needed.


angie.a said...

So are you STILL pregnant? HA! Just kiddin!!! :D :D :D

Such a cute girl date story! Must take Lu for ice cream asap. I'm not sure about pumpkin ice cream...but I'll give it a whirl!


Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Haha!!! Yes, yes I AM still pregnant!!! :p~~~~~~ on you!

Trust me, the pumpkin ice cream is fabulous!

Lisa said...

Oh, Zoe and I love the pumpkin pie milk shakes from Jack in the Box. We discovered them last year around Thanksgiving and were sad when they went away after Christmas. I prefer to bring mine home and let it harden a bit in the freezer so it's more like ice cream.

Evileena said...

Ol' Evileena isn't much of an ice-cream lover either- BUT- give me a big ol' bowl of BREYERS CHOCOLATE CHERRY CHUNK and I'm in VOODOO HEAVEN!- >o)