Sunday, November 26, 2006

To Tell The Truth...

When someone hurts you, do you tell them so? Or is it best to keep your mouth shut?

I tell them. This isn't to get back at them, or make them feel bad in any way. But I feel like if I DON'T say anything, I've let myself be taken advantage of and I am not willing to do that.

Fortunately I haven't had many of these situations in my life to deal with, but I've had a few. A few times the "offender" has apologized, we discuss things openly, and move on with a stronger friendship than we started with. Sadly, a few times the "offender" has chosen to ignore me, refuses to apologize or admit any wrong doing, and the friendship falls apart. When this happened, I was even MORE hurt than before, but it was a good thing in the end because it showed me just how much (or little) value they placed on the friendship in the first place. They weren't willing to accept any wrong doing, or admit they'd made a mistake, and the friendship wasn't worth it to them to overlook their pride.

Obviously we only have so much room in our lives for people and as sad as it is to see friendships end, I'm glad to have the ones that TRULY care about me continue on.

I'm also willing to be on the flip side of the coin and listen when someone tells me I've hurt them. Of course it's never intentional, but that's the way it usually goes, right? I'm more than willing to apologize, admit that I was wrong, and work to make that friendship better than ever. But I'm a very loyal person.

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Anonymous said...

It depends on how bad they hurt you and how important it is. If they are just being mean, I'd let it go and just know where I feel I stand with them from that point on.