Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!!

God bless you all! We've had a really beautiful day. Last evening we tracked Santa on Norad's website with the big kids, put out cookies and milk, then put them to bed full of excitement. I sat with the baby and listened to Christmas music with only the twinkling Christmas tree lights on. He stared and coo'd at me for close to an hour and needless to say, I was in tears. I've never felt so blessed or been in such a happy place in my life. Absolute perfection.

Today was just beautiful as well. The excitement in their eyes was priceless. There was a stunning sunset this evening! And now I'm exhausted, filled with joy, and ready for bed.

I truly hope your holiday was as great as mine and you felt God's love around you and your family.


Lisa said...

Your time with the baby so reminds me of my Christmas 5 years ago. Zoe was about 2 months old at that time and holding her in a room only lit with the tree was so peaceful and serene. A perfect break from the usual hectic activity around the holidays.

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Isn't that just the most magical feeling??

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Christmas Eve!