Sunday, December 10, 2006

No news...

I'm still a member of the big boobed, sore bottom, sleep deprived club. The Baby is one GOOD baby though!! I really can't complain at all. He's just about as precious as they come.

We've had company here all weekend and they were a big help with the baby.

We had our first real 'outing' this morning when we took the whole family to church and then out to lunch. Overall it went pretty well. We were just getting ready to walk out the door for church and I started running through a mental checklist...

Do the kids all have on shoes? Check.

Clean underwear on everyone? Check.

Everyone has brushed their teeth? Check.

Diaper bag? Check.

Breakfast? No! Ack!! My kids never had a chance to eat breakfast!

So I ran and popped a couple of frozen waffles in the toaster and the big kids ate those in the car on the way to church. Whew. Not the most nutritious breakfast ever, but it'll do in a pinch.

Church went really smoothly. Then we headed to the restaurant for lunch. Nursed the baby in a secluded booth. No problems. Heard him mess his diaper. No problem. I'll just grab the diaper bag and run to the bathroom before our food arrives to change him. Get him on the changing table in the bathroom and start fumbling through the diaper bag. I have wipes, clean blankets, a change of clothes. That's it. No diapers!!! I packed a diaper bag with no diapers! Ugh.

I'm so out of practice and still learning how to manage three children rather than two. Fortunately he never leaked through and just had to wait till we got home. I can't believe I forgot diapers!


Anonymous said...

Beki, you're just delightful!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Why thank you! Scatterbrained = delightful, I guess. ;-)