Thursday, December 07, 2006

Simple goals...

It's amazing how we forget how much WORK having a newborn is! I've done this twice before, but I think God instills that mommy-memory-loss thing for a reason. It's soooo hard! But so worth it. I think the same goes for pregnancy, labor, and delivery... We forget how miserable it really is. If we truly remembered, no one would ever have more than one child I think.

So my simple goal for today is to take a shower. ;-) Silly as it sounds, it's literally a goal that I'm going to have to squeeze in time for. Yesterday's goal list was fairly long and I got most of it accomplished... laundry, dishes, changed bed sheets, etc. We have company coming tomorrow and I have GOT to get the house in some sort of order before they get here. But for today, a shower tops the list.

UPDATE: Mission accomplished. ;-)


Lisa said...

Let the house wait. Your company will be much more interested in seeing the baby than checking for dust. :-) I definitely remember how hard it was to find time to take a shower with a new baby around. At first I made the mistake of trying to catch up on housework when she napped. That meant things like showering and eating got pushed to the end of the list. I soon realized my priorities were really off. Dishes could go a week without washing while I couldn't/shouldn't. ;-)

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

I know, but at this point my company will not even have a place to sleep! My office/guest room/ebay room/"studio" has lost the guest room part. I have to get it cleared out so they can at least sleep. My hubby is home this week though so he's a huge help.

I agree about the other things, and dusting is the last thing on my mind right now, although it needs done.