Friday, January 05, 2007

So cute!!

We're starting to get REAL smiles out of the baby and it's so stinkin' cute!! I forgot how sweet those newborn smiles are.

The big kids are having such a great time making him smile and playing with him.

We had his 4 week check up last week and he's up to 12 lbs! The ped thought there might be a problem with his spine so today we went to a specialist to have an ultrasound done on his back, but thank God there's no problem with it. :) He was sooooo good and kept smiling at the u/s tech. She melted, of course. She loved it.

Today my super dee duper (yes we watch too much Barney) friend brought dinner to us... roast, potatoes, rolls, fruit salad, and brownies. You can't beat that!! Yummmmmm-o! (okay, so we watch a bit of Rachael Ray too.) Hope you've had a great and happy Friday!

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