Thursday, February 22, 2007

Flippin' Flip! and other nonsense...

I don't remember if I've mentioned it here before or not, but we've bought a second house to flip. It's a LOT of work, but so much fun!!! I spent hours today painting and stripping wallpaper. (hopefully I burned a few calories too!) We've pulled up the carpet to reveal beautiful hard wood floors. We're putting tile floors in the kitchen and bathroom. All new cabinets will go in the kitchen and upstairs bathroom. I *hope* the paint colors look okay on the walls. My hubby dragged me to the paint store with 10 minutes til they closed, and I was holding a screaming baby while I grabbed some quick colors, so we'll see! I'm dirty and sore, but I'm so excited to see it all done. I'll post pics here when the time comes. The goal is to have it on the market by mid March.

In other news, or not-so-news, the weather has been absolutely GORGEOUS this week!!! I've been walking around for 4 days now, humming the song It's a Great Day To Be Alive, by Travis Tritt. We've gone for walks, gone to the park, had outings with friends, and are definitely enjoying every minute of it. It's so inspiring to know that winter won't continue much longer.

Speaking of inspiring, Lilla Boutique's newest design launch is called Inspirations and is coming in just a few short days! Be on the lookout for it, because these ladies are amazing designers.


Jen said...

You should post pictures of it!!

. said...

oh my gosh I didn't know you re flipping a house! My husbad did that ALL last year...oh my gosh I need to send you pictures. they are AMAZING!! Yes please post pics!!!!!