Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sweet Spring!!!

Okay, so Spring is finally here!!! I love it. The weather is just gorgeous outside today and my kids have been playing outdoors all day. A little bit ago, they brought in a surpise for me... Flowers! Now I'm not exactly sure where they picked these, very possibly from a neighbor's yard. ;-) Fortunately we have lovely neighbors. But now my home smells heavenly and with just a few flowers it's instantly brighter inside. This whole day just makes me smile.

I only had one vase available, so these ended up in a drinking glass. ;-) Don't tell... If only I had this vase I mentioned a few days ago. Behind these flowers is a glass sculpture that was a gift from artist Rollin Karg, that I just LOVE!


Stephanie said...

Gorgeous flowers!

Brandy said...

Those flowers look simply amazing! You make me want to go out and find some of my own to brighten up this dark dorm. Beautiful. I love spring, too.

Jenni said...

That's a beautiful piece!
Here's a link to Karg Art Glass.
Roger Ward is a glass artist from El Dorado. He usually works at the KATP Field School and is a really neat guy. You can sometimes see his work at City Arts in Wichita or here: