Monday, April 30, 2007

OOPS!! Someone help!

I did something to the template and now the page is all wonky! I just clicked on the google adsense thing. Shouldn't have done that, huh? Hopefully I can get it fixed. I'm not good at all with html stuff.

Update: SuperNikki to the rescue!!! Nikki, aka 1/2 of Ragazza Bella, aka FauxTography extraordinaire has been kind enough to tackle my blunder of a blog and make it beautiful again (much more beautiful than it was to begin with, actually.) I owe her big time. Thank you SuperNikki!!!


Jen said...

It looks good now!

Faux Tography said...

I hope I fixed it OK for you! :)

BellaColle said...

Uhh, supermom! You go girl!

Faux Tography said...

lol wow! that looks just like me!!!! hehehehehe! Thanks so much Beki, your a sweetheart!

I was more than happy to do it for you! ;)