Sunday, May 06, 2007

Amusement Park time!

We are a big amusement park family. LOVE them! We go to as many as possible, as often as possible. So we were THRILLED to find out that one would be opening near us! Yesterday was opening day and of course we were there will bells on!

I can't say it was uber impressive, (hmmm, wonder why I just used that word "uber". I never use that in real life speaking...) but it was definitely cute and better than I expected. I had low expectations just to be on the safe side. I mean, really... They aren't going to be able to open a Disney park in the middle of Kansas! Anyway, it was nice!

Interestingly, you can see the ominous clouds in the background of some of the pics. And as I'm typing this, a tornado is headed toward us... Ugh. Type fast, Beki.

A strange big headed hatless cowboy greeted us at the entry gate.

Of course there were life size horse statues for photo ops. :)

Merry go round...

Baby had had enough excitement...

And my favorite moment of the day was seeing these two waiting in line for a ride holding hands. They love each other so much!!


Unknown said...

That's my kind of fun ;-)

When I lived in Wichita, the highlight of our summer days when getting the chance to go to JoyLand :-)

My Trendy Tykes said...

the big headed HATless cowboy....too funny man!

Glad you all had a nice time. STAY SAFE girlie.


. said...

okay I seriously thought that was a real horse....LOLLLLL

and the last pic os SO sweet!

and your little man!!! how old is he now???