Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Kiddie Couture... Not so new, is it?

Many of us have known for quite some time now that there's a huge market for kiddie couture items. One place to shop for them is ebay. Yep, good ol' ebay! Somehow in the past several years, a niche was carved there that is quite outside the garage sale mentality that so many of us have about ebay. There are some amazing designers there who create custom made items, in more fabulous styles than you'd ever find in most stores.

It appears that now many top designers are catching on to the trend as well.

Of course there's a debate over whether or not it's "right" for kids to be wearing $160 jeans when they'll outgrow them in a few months. I'm not here to say it's right or wrong. I'll admit that I'm a very frugal person, who happens to thoroughlly enjoy dressing my kids in items more fashionable than those I typically find at the mall. I will tell you though, that the resell value on these items is typically good, so even when your kid outgrows them you can list them on good ol' ebay and get some of that money back. You know, so you can spend it on new kiddie couture clothes. :)


Anonymous said...

Some kids love fashion just as much as grownups which is why you'll often find them raiding mom's closet :)

Lisa Knight said...

Where we live now the boutique look would be overkill, but I'm sure when we move down the road it will get more important.

I guess I don't care as long as DD is cute & DS is handsome! Of course CAMO is king here!!!

Becky said...

Even though my kids are jeans and t-shirt wearers - long live kiddie couture!! Now, $600 hoodies MAY be pushing it...

Great blog :)