Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Unintentional Diet...

I'm the type of person who never has cash. Ever. I pay for everything with a credit card.

The little kidpreneurs have added a few items to their lemonade stand. They've had brownies and now they're doing Rice Crispy treats (a.k.a. Tink's Pixie Treats) for $.25 each. Now, I refuse to take their goodies without paying. But wouldn't you know, I can almost never even find a quarter!! Seriously! I just don't have cash on hand!

In the past I'd walk through the kitchen and grab a brownie or Pixie treat with each pass, nibble on one while making dinner, etc. Now that I actually have to PAY for them, I'm so much more aware of how often I put them in my mouth! When the urge gets strong enough, you can bet I'll scrounge up a quarter, but I'm eating far less goodies by this method than I would've by sheer will power along.


My Trendy Tykes said...

I would gladly write a check for a whole bunch of brownies! LOL

I never carry cash either....debit only.


Mendy at Modern Charm said...

Maybe I need to remove my fridge and replace it with a vending machine. I never have cash!

Anonymous said...

LOL They must be raking in the dough!

Anonymous said...

That's an interesting scale you have there, Beki!


Morgan said...

I'm a debit card carrier as well! If they don't take credit cards...I'm going somewhere else. Cash is just gross. Ew, germs.

Good luck on the "unintentional diet"!