Monday, July 23, 2007

New bedroom....

We ended up going to Missouri for several days. I have tons to catch up on so I'll still be busy for a few days, but will chip away at things.

This is completely random and has nothing to do with vacation or blogging, but I'm wanting to redecorate our bedroom. But I don't know what I want. Suggestions from the peanut gallery? It's a light sage green on the walls and I don't really want to repaint, so I want to work with that. I don't like florals, pink, or victorian inspired things. I do tend to like bolder graphic patterns, cottage style, and a bit of traditional. I like more rustic than formal.

Anyone have links or images to share with me for inspiration? Since we didn't go to Colorado, I didn't get to look through all the magazines I'd wanted to.

So inspire me please. :)

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Morgan said...

Oooh, Becki~ I just returned a bunch of bedroom inspiration books and mags to the library else I'd post pics. I do have a few pics that I saved as inspiration for my bedroom, which I plan to decorate sometime this decade. I'll share them soon.