Saturday, August 11, 2007

All warm and fuzzy...

I have the best customers in the world. Seriously! I just love you guys!

Here is a kind letter I received, just when I needed it.

Hello Beki!
I received my jewelry in the mail today!!! I am SOOOO excited to try my wedding dress on with your awesome vintage pieces.
Thank you very much for working so well with my mom and I.

I saw my friend XXXXX a few days ago and she had your cranberry ice earrings in, I have been drooling over them, so I told her it took everything in me to not rip them out of her ears :)

Thank you, Thank you

So thank YOU to all my fabulous PamperingBeki customers. I absolutely love what I do, and I love that accessories can bring a smile to your faces. Now I'm off to Missouri to attend a baby shower for my newest family member and have a jewelry party. I'll be back in the middle of next week. Go explore the blogosphere (there are some great links on the right!) and spread some sunshine to other bloggers. :)


amelia said...

Always a great way to make your day eh? What a fabulous email to get!!!


PS ~ It's cause you ROCK

erin said...

awe, what a sweet note!!! Your jewels are so pretty :)

Sweet Olive Press | Helen said...

so sweet :)

Karen said...

Isn't it wonderful to hear from happy customers? You only hear that from work well done. :)

Kat said...

Wow, such a great thing to have someone say about you and your work! Very inspiring!