Thursday, August 02, 2007

Fabulous 4...

I was tagged by SuperMomAmelia to share these 4's about myself.

Four Jobs I Have Had:
luggage handler for an airline (yes, I got to wear the cool orange vest and park planes, jealous aren't you?)
nail tech

Four Films I Can Watch Over & Over:
That Thing You Do
Napolean Dynamite
Fools Rush In

Four Places I have lived:
Sacramento, CA
Cabool, MO (if you've heard of it, you MUST post a comment!)
Springfield, MO
Colorado Springs, CO

Four Favorite TV shows:
How Do I Look?
Flip That House
Boston Legal
Nearly anything on HGTV

Four Favorite Foods:
Saltines (seriously, I LOVE them!)
(Carb addict, maybe?)

Four Websites I visit every day:
FunkyJunkCo. (not that I'm a stalker or anything...)

Four Places I Would Love To Be:
In a thrift store
In a yard sale
On a beach
In the Mountains

Four Favorite Colors:

Four Names You Love But Would/Could Not Use For Your Child:
I can't think of any!

Now I'm to tag someone else. I'll pick a random person from my lovely links list to the right... GroovyVinyl, you're it! (While you're there visting, you should check out the fabulous list of links she has on the right column!)


Posh Piggy Couture said...

hello there!very cute blog!!

I've tagged you to see for what check out.....

Unknown said...

i love reading these types of things =o)

pinkmilk said...

Lovely colour choices! Thanks for your comment :)

Anonymous said... I get brownie points if I am GOING THROUGH Cabool, MO tomorrow? Cause I am. Headed to Big B again. It's 4:10am and if I don't get to sleep I'll be dead to the world for the trip. My Husband has relatives in Cabool and my old high school plays them in football, basketball and I think baseball. School will be starting soon so my nightowl sewing will be coming to an abrupt halt. Have a great day Beki!

amelia said...

LOL about the orange vest!

I thought I was the only one who remembered the movie "That Thing You Do." Now I have that song spinning in my head, LOL!!!

You're fun to read about!


Anonymous said...

What did we watch before HGTV? Love it!

Sunshine said...

I haven't heard of Cabool, where is it? We vacation at the Lake, so I know a lot of little MO towns between here and there.

Also, I added a new Etsy store to my other one...Psychotic Hobbyist under user hotgluemama.

Do you make buttons?? Just wondering, I want to get start getting custom buttons somewhere.

carole said...

Wow, you really like to change things up with your jobs ;)!
Great interview on Designer's Notion, enjoyed reading more about you.
Thanks for visiting my blog. (Craig Ferguson IS hysterical!)

Morgan said...

Beki~ you dork!

I have to know what the name of this song playing would be perfect for a runway show that Tapper and I are in next's talking about best of both worlds...who sings it??

Yes, I said I'm in a fashion show...what? Stop looking at me like that! :o)

Morgan said...

Ummm....nevermind, I just saw the huge honking black box showing your playlist...I'm soooo observant.

Morgan said...

The Girl has excellent taste in music...I'm bopping to her list.

Ladybug said...

That was fun to read! Thanks for sharing!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Seeker, you win the prize for being my brightest visitor! Haha!!!

Ladybug, pinkmilk, Felicia, sweetspice and Carole, THANK YOU!! :)

Poshpiggy, thanks for the tag! I'll go check it out.

Amelia, you fashionista. I know you'd covet that orange vest.

Sunshine, I don't really make buttons. I make flower brooches though. I'll have to check out what you're looking for.

Shelli, SHUT UP!! You have actually heard of Cabool?? I hope you stuck your head out the window and yelled "Beki says HI!" when you drove through!