Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Isn't vacation supposed to be refreshing?

I'm back and somehow my to do list has drastically grown while I was gone! Ack!!

(Warning: Random thoughts from this point on in this message.)

We had a good time and got to see our newest family member, a baby boy at 9 days old. Awwwww, he was so sweet! He's the tiniest little thing ever with loads of black fuzzy hair. Just precious.
The jewelry party was a success. We had a good time, a good turnout of people, and good sales.
I have to say I find it so strange when real life friends and acquaintances come to me and tell me they've read my blog. This has happened to me several times lately. I know internet people read it, but these are REAL people that have approached me! It's flattering and odd at the same time. I tend to think I'm just typing ramblings to the big cluttered internet, and that the ramblings won't really be found. But they are. And it's nice to hear feedback.

I have 2, count 'em... *2* kids starting school tomorrow! Ohmygoodness, how did that happen?? And I'm ashamed to admit this, but would you believe that neither of them has a special item to wear for their first day of school? :( I've simply been too busy to get anything! That's BAD!! I know it's pathetic, but really, children that came from my womb should be wearing a special outfit for every special occasion. I might have to come up with something today and just add that to my to do list.

So it's looking like this is going to be my motto for the day...


carole said...

I absolutely love your motto for the day! Congrats on a successful party!

Jaime said...

Just wondered over here from another blog and have to say, fabulous blog and GREAT motto for the day. I'm right there with you. :)

Jen said...

It was good seeing you guys this weekend!!!! :) Good luck with school tomorrow! We had open house last night and met the teachers, etc. It's crazy that we have 2 in elementary school now! These kids need to stop growing.

Morgan said...

Sooooo glad you're back!! I was missing you...not that I'm a *real* person with *real* feelings or anything ;o)~~~

Glad to know the show was a success; now get your butt in gear and get those kids *properly* dressed for their big day! And don't forget to snap a pic to share with us!

Morgan said...
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Morgan said...

oh, and since you'll have so much free time with just you and the baby now....come play this game! TAG!

nic said...