Wednesday, August 22, 2007

So flattered!!

I just realized I received a Nice Mattters Award from Lissa at bullybeads. (Don't worry, she's not really a bully... Quite the opposite in fact!) :) So Thank you Lissa!

I've also been featured on Indie Finds on Etsy! Thank you so much!!

It just makes me all warm and fuzzy that there are so many nice people in the world. And just because you caught me at a warm and fuzzy moment, I'll give away free earrings to the first person to correctly reply with the name of the 4th item on the 2nd page of my etsy store. :)


Unknown said...

New reader here, but I'll try to the first with the correct answer: MOD MIDGE green blue hair flower clips clippies


Beki - TheRustedChain said...

You got it Marci! :)

Email me with your address and I'll pop some earrings in the mail to you.

Thanks for playing!

Morgan said...

Pooo! I missed...congrats to Marci!

And you too, Beki :o)