Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tag, I'm it.. again...

How much endless drivel with my readers put up with before they abandon me? I'm obviously putting it to the test. I was tagged by Subu, Inc. to share 6 facts about myself so here we go.

1. I love oldies music. LOVE it.
2. I think all the styles from the late 50's - early 60's should be brought back. I'd wear a sweater twinset and circle skirt in a heartbeat! (I might have to skip the saddle oxfords though.)
3. There's a praying mantis on my window that I've been watching all morning.
4. I feel completely blessed to be able to design jewelry and still be a Stay at Home mom.
5. I normally hate chick flicks. But last night I watched The Devil Wears Prada and LOVED it! I think I could watch it over and over. It wasn't sappy like most chick flicks are.
6. If I could make everything in the world green I would. All different shades of course, but you can just never have too much green.

Now I'm breaking the rules (such a rebel) and only tagging 1 person because too many tags can just get exhausting. No, not really exhausting as in you're out of breath and you can't go on, but you know... Oy, why do I write? I'm really not good with words. Yet you're all still here! It must be the pretty pictures I post...

I'll tag Lemon Drops.


Jaime said...

Thanks! :) You totally have me rockin' to oldies here. SO with you on that. LOVE oldies!

Anonymous said...

yay! thanks for playing along. i should have broken the rules too about the number. it's hard work finding people to play. and i enjoyed reading your facts. :-)