Thursday, August 23, 2007


I've been on a cowgirl kick lately and that's what today's Love List reflects. So saddle up and get ready to go!...

First up is these patchwork decoupage jeans from VintageLucys. I've said it before, but these prove again that style knows no age. LOVE these!

A modern Hot Mom needs (yes needs) a cowgirl piece of jewelry... This necklace by JordanBailey is the perfect one! You have to read the description here, it's too funny.

My first thought with this next find was, I need a cowboy Christmas tree!! How cute would these tags by Kibbles be as ornaments? I'm sure there are at least a hundred other ways to use them too.

And finally, every cowgirl needs some bling. I've been eyeing this motif by hotfixqueen for awhile now. LOVE it!


Karen said...

I keep telling myself that I'm not the cowgirl type, but I'm loving all these great finds. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Love the necklace!