Thursday, September 20, 2007

You smeared What? Where?

I would love to pretend I'm as elegant, witty, and glamorous as Miss Seeker, but sadly I'm not.

While some people are able to sew fabulous skirts for themselves, then take pictures of them while looking like a model, here is a peek into my own day.

7:00 - wake up the two older children, fight with them to hurry so they'll make it to school on time, pull on sweats and a tshirt and drive them to school where they arrive 3 minutes late.

8:00 - eat a quick bowl of cereal, while checking emails and hoping The Baby gives me a few more minutes of quiet time.

8:23 - Nope, no more quiet time. The Baby is up and ready to start his day.

8:48 - The Baby poops and manages to get more of it outside the diaper than in. (I'm still not sure how this occurs but each of my kids has mastered the talent.)

8:51 - Strip The Baby, and give him a bath. Clean the rest of the bathroom while he's there because otherwise I'll not find time to do it.

9:00 - Get The Baby out, put a diaper on him, give him a few toys and let him play for a few minutes outside the bathroom while I try to squeeze in a shower.

9:04 - I'm showering as fast as humanly possible, but The Baby is standing outside the bathroom door yelling at me the entire time.

9:05 - I'm out, throw on a robe, and open the door. Guess what I find? Go ahead, guess...... The baby is standing there naked, holding his diaper in one hand, with poop smeared all over his head and the door. AAAAAACK!!!! He'd pooped AGAIN and decided to share it, I guess.

9:06 - I resist the urge to curse and put The Baby back in the tub to start the proces all over again. Oy.

I'll spare you the gruesome pictures, but this is the culprit. Fairly innocent looking, huh? Don't let those eyes fool you.

No, my life is just not as glamorous as Seeker's. (Truth be told, I know her life isn't that glamorous either as she has a little one who refuses to sleep. But she sure does make things look easy!) :)


Unknown said...

I remember those days lol...actually I'm reliving those days with our puppy, so I sympathize...I see the lid to one of my scrubs in the blue basket, that is just so kewl!!

Patty Young said...

LOL!!!!! Boy, what a day! But I do believe most babies have mastered that talent... what is UP with that anyway?!?! Cute bath time pic. :)

Anonymous said...

What a day you had but I'm right there with 14 month old grandson lives with me and while reading your adventures it was alot like some of my days around here...Thanks for your story.

Anonymous said...

Ah, those were the days! :)


amelia said...

This picture is SUPER cute!!!!


PS ~ I're super elegant!

Morgan said...

Beki~ you are just the sweetest cutest and loveablest friend in the world! And you have GOT to come to my house and learn the truth...I see I've seriously mislead you, LOL! Love ya!