Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I'm too exthiced to thleep!!

I just love that Disney commercial where the little boy is too excited the night before the family leaves for vacation. :) This is how I'm feeling this week too!! So my Love List is a reflection of that...

The perfect initial tee for such an occassion by JonahBonah. (We own items from her and they're just impeccable. The Girl is wearing one today as a matter of fact.)

From boutiqueprincessandbows, LOOK at this outfit! Amazing!

From kidswithcharacter, is this funky Pirate Mickey shirt. (We actually own this one as well and she's wonderful to work with! Shush... I shop too much. No comments from the peanut gallery.) ;-)

(3 more days till we leave!)


AnnieRoso said...

Holy moley but that princess outfit is to die for! My daughter would just go crazy for that. I may have to spring for it for Christmas.... Thanks for sharing!

Karen said...

I love your Disney finds, and for sharing them with us. Cute!

Karen said...
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