Saturday, October 06, 2007

Newly listed for sale...

I listed those pageant earrings I told you about awhile back. I also did a pair in all clear crystals, but I don't remember if I took a picture or not! Eek! There is not one loaded to my computer so I'll have to check and see if it's still hiding in my camera. If not, I'm a big ol' goob because they were already mailed to the contestant.

The Queen

In other news, I'm busy busy busy preparing for the Holiday season! I know it may seem early to some, but not for me. :) I'm designing a lot of new pieces and preparing for a jewelry party tomorrow. We leave in a week for Disney and will be gone 10 days! Then it's full swing on my etsy store and home party business. I have 2 boys now with December birthdays so I'll be taking it easy that month. So if you're planning on doing PamperingBeki gift shopping, try to do it a little early please. :)

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Over The Top Aprons said...

Haven't stopped in for a while - so just want to say I love these earrings. Beautiful!