Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What's going on....

with me lately. Well first The Baby was awake until after 3:00 this morning, so I'm dragging today. Need sleep. Need caffeine.

The Man is jobless so he's around a lot. This is a good thing, but I don't get nearly as much computer time as I am used to so my blog has been a bit neglected.

I haven't done a great job on my 1-new-listing-a-day goal. I have lots of things ready to list, but time just hasn't allowed me to do it. Maybe I'll just do a bunch in one day and get back on track.

I have a home party/trunk show this Sunday so I'm busily preparing for that. (If you're going to be in central Kansas on Sunday and would like to attend, please email me for information.)

We leave in just a few days for a 10 day Disney vacation! YAY!! I've mentioned in the past that this is what I was saving my earnings toward. Everything I make gets put into a vacation fund or deposited back into my business. And my hard work is paying off because vacation time is almost here! Mickey, here we come!


shelli said...

Hey Beki,

I am just being nosey, and I am curious. You said your vacation will be 10 days. How does that fly with your kid's school? We have to have a medical excuse here for everything or the days count against them. I was just wondering if there is some way to work around that for out of town trips. Personally, I prefer to travel in the Fall versus Summer. I am just not a Summer person. Sorry for being nosey and hope you guys have tons of fun! Are you flying or driving?

Be safe,

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Hi Shelli! I've talked to the school about it and it's no problem. They will probably give us the homework to take with us but that's to be expected.

We're flying. :)

How are you? Is your tv blog gone? I've searched for it and couldn't find it.

shelli said...

Yes, the blog is gone, I get in those moods where I get burned out on ideas so easy. I want to do some sort of blog, really the tv thing is a great idea I just am such a changable sort of person,(really just getting more moody, hormonal and lazy in my old age).

I hope you guys have a great vacation and say hi to Mickey for us! I will have to keep that in mind about school, I am sure the policies are similar in Kansas to the ones here. We are headed to Branson the 19th and going to give the Grand Country a wirl, we have never stayed there.


amelia said...

Awe sweet girl, I hope you get some much needed rest!!! *hugs*