Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's a good thing...

How did this happen? I went for years and wasn't a huge Martha Stewart fan. Don't get me wrong, I liked her okay, but I just found her projects to be way above my head and too far out of my league. Frequently I'd yell at the tv, "Really Martha! WHO has time to do all of that?!" I'm not sure if she's become more realistic in her expectations or if I'm just changing with my old age (all of 30 now, you know) but I find myself watching her daily thinking, "I can do that!".

I really love this new approach she's taken with featuring 'real' people who do 'real' crafts. Just recently I was watching and squealed with excitement when Anna Maria Horner appeared, looking so cute and real and explained a project that even I could do!
AnnaMaria is a real mom, a real blogger, a real business person, and a real cool chick.

Now over the past couple of days I've learned that Martha's people have been finding new talent on etsy. April's Flowers has been contacted as well as Jenni B Originals. I'm just thrilled that Martha is supporting the handmade push and finding unique talent out there.

Thank you Martha! I'll be anxiously awaiting my email from you.

Handmade. It's a good thing.


Krazy Kate Designs said...

I was never into the Martha craze either, but when I watch the show on occasion, I love it.

ARTLIFE said...

fingers crossed you get an email from Martha!!