Thursday, November 08, 2007


I've been tagged by Daria and CB to tell you 7 things about myself. You KNOW you haven't read enough about me (insert heavy sarcasm here) so I'll try to come up with 7 things. :)

1. I never ever have my toenails unpolished. Well, okay when I'm redoing them they are unpolished for a few minutes, but I'm quick to paint the beauty back on. I can't stand the way they look without polish. God really should've created women with red toenails.

2. I try not to tell God what to do, but sometimes I find myself offering suggestions... See number 1 as an example.

3. In my workspace I have a terribly ugly broken lamp. Why have I not replaced it? Don't know.

4. I wish I were a good photographer but I am too impatient to learn to use my camera. Sometimes I come up with amazing pictures, sometimes they blurry or grainy and I don't bother to figure out why.

5. I enjoy seeing where my blog hits come from. Some of the queries are quite funny! So if I drop names like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Rosie, Zac Efron, High School Musical, and Vanessa Hudgens it's probably just a way to drive traffic here so I can get a giggle out of it later. (Some time ago I did a love list on breastfeeding and you'd be amazed at how many people find my blog by doing a Google search for Boobs! Sigh... I'm guessing they don't find what they're looking for here.)

6. Coffee tastes much better out of those Starbucks type cups with the funky shaped lid. I thought I was sooooo smart in coming up with the idea that someone should market those exact cups for people to use at home. Then I saw them for sale in the store. Yep, right next to the Dixie cups and paper plates.

7. I wish I were more inspired to look nice every day. But most days if I'm staying at home I'm sporting a yucky sweatshirt, jeans that are too big but oh-so-comfy, and either barefoot or wearing socks if my feet are cold. Sexy, huh? The Man is so lucky.

*Whew!* Did it! Now, for the sake of stubborn rebels everywhere I'm only tagging one person. I know, I know the rule is to tag 7. But it's my blog and I'm being contrary. So there.

I'm tagging Angelica Grace Designs. You really should check out her beautiful work! And what an incredibly sweet lady too.


Sew Gracious said...

I love being able to buy the coffee "go cups" in the grocery store! ;-)

Unknown said...


I love your song "of the moment" by Mr. Buble.

Great list. I've been tagged by this one a lot (and I'm thinking you have too, by now!). But, it is still fun to learn these new things about ya!

My friends think it's so strange I don't wear t-shirts or tennis shoes, even if we are just around the house. I know that a yucky sweatshirt means a yucky outlook. But you might be battling something a little different with baby barf and the like. Don't forget that you STILL deserve to look the way you feel inside!

Sylvia C.

Anonymous said...

Oh Beki -

I had to laugh about your name dropping... Don't you love how people find your blog?

My old one used to show up in a search for "making crystal meth" because I kvetched about not being able to buy Claritin in large quantities because of the stupid law passed as a result of the idiots who an ingredient in allegry meds to make crystal meth in their garages. Bet they were so disappointed I didn't have a how-to on my blog. :)

erin said...

Okay I thought it was just me about the coffee in the disposable cups taste better thing! Ryan bought some of those for mornings I'm on the go and I use them even when I'm just hanging out at home because it really does taste better!!!! Glad to know it's not just me!