Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Take me away.... (love list)

Who needs Calgon when you can have these fabulous handmade items?

I've personally received packages from these first two sellers and I can tell you that their presentation is top of the line. (I appreciate all handmade, but I do like it when the presentation looks very professional and special. These do.)

This Lemongrass Bath Salt by sweetspice smells like heaven!

These Playtime candles by GabrielsAunt are so soothing. This scent is wonderfully calming and uplifting at the same time.

Put those in this gorgeous ceramic gift basket by PuTokWagnerCeramics,

and you have one amazing gift for a special person in your life!


Unknown said...

i love ideas like this....thanks!

Hot Chocolate Clothing said...

ooooh neat!!! I can smell them from here!! mmmm!!!

that little ceramic basket matches a chip & salsa bowl I have LOL love it!!!