Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mark, bells, Rachael and revenge...

~I've laughed more times than I can count recently every time I hear The Boy sing "Mark, the herald angel sings..." You know, the angel Mark? Neither do I. I've corrected him numerous times but he still sings it this way.

~He and The Girl were whispering outside my office the other day and then got brave enough to come in and ask me the important question they'd been discussing. They had a bell in their hand, shook it loudly and said, "Mom, did you hear anything?" I told them I did and they were completely satisfied. "Okay, just checking." Haha!! (If you've seen the Polar Express you'll understand this.)

~I was excited to hear that Rachael Ray talks about etsy on her show today! She taped this segment a while back and it was before my necklace arrived to her or I'm sure she'd have gushed about me in her etsy talk. haha!! She has a link to etsy on her website seen here.

~And finally just a little funny for you.


Cathy said...

ha ha! mark the angel - i love it!

Unknown said...

The person that does these cards have made me laugh forever!
They are warped and hilarious!
...I like the little stray from the ordinary Happy Holiday card with the snowflakes!

Sweet Olive Press | Helen said...


My little brother used to sing, with gusto: "Good tidings of confident Troy..."

(Good Tidings of Comfort and Joy)