Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pay Per post stuff...

Those who've been reading this blog for awhile might remember last year when I did quite a few pay per post 'ads'. Yes, they really do pay me for blogging! And I made a good amount of money doing it and helped pay for our Disney trip in the fall. BUT I really don't like the way it looks or feels on this blog. I never have. So I've opened a new blog to start doing the pay per post reviews on. But there's some strange catch that I have to do a certain number of them here before I can add a different blog to my account.... blah blah blah. So what I'm saying is stick with me through the next few you see and then you don't have to see them anymore. :) (Unless you read my other blog of course, but it's not nearly as enjoyable as this one.)

As always, the ads I get paid for will say Pay Per Post in the tags. They are NOT on my Love list! The love list is made up of items, companies and/or services that I really do love and I get no compensation for mentioning them!

And with that, I'm off to find more things to feature on the love list. Because that's what I really love doing.

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