Monday, February 04, 2008

Paris, cookies and beads...

I haven't had the chance to go out to the thrift stores in a while so I made it out Saturday morning. Here's the loot.

The red basket matches a square one I have that I'll put out at Christmas time. I'm always excited to find issues of Country Living magazine because I still don't have a subscription! (That's just wrong, I know.) There's a spool of light blue ribbon that I'm sure will get lots of use, as I gift wrap all of my jewelry orders that get mailed. There's a little flower plaque in there that just looks cute on the wall in my office. My favorite find though was the little wire bike! Here's a close up.

I'm in the process of decorating The Girl's room in a Parisian theme and this was just too cute! It looks perfect sitting on her shelf.

Oh, and I got two loaves of artisan bread also. The grand total? Are you ready?

$.90!!! Yep, 90 cents for all of this! YAY! They were having 75% off all the brick-a-brack. And a local bakery donates the day old bread to the thrift store, who then gives it away for free. They do ask that each family only take two loaves. But the table was LOADED down with bread so I didn't mind taking a couple.

Oh how I love thrifting! It's always such an adventure.

And now on an entirely different note....

Cookies - Good
Beads - Good
Staying in your pajamas all day while enjoying cookies and beads - Priceless!

(I get scolded occasionally for not showing enough kid pictures on here.)


Sam @ The Ellison Family Expansion Plan said...

ahhh your post makes me want to go thrifting! Maybe I'll go tomorrow. :)

Good finds!

Kristin said...

What a cute theme. Such a lucky little girl! I love your music too, I'm just jammin! Sorry my first link on my post was bad for some reason it has now been fixed!

Anonymous said...

90 cents?!?!

WOW! You rock the thrift store shopping!

jessicajane said...

is he eatin a white oreo? MMM! hes adorable!

I am afraid to go to my thrift store here, I havent been yet. But this is one of the most expensive places ever so they probably charge a lot. haha.

Unknown said...

You really do know how to shop!

And your kids have so much flair (and personality!)

Hope you are having a great day!
Is it snow day there? We got one today!


Sylvia C.