Monday, February 25, 2008

Red is the new black...

Yes I realize how old "_______ is the new black" is, but I'm still saying it. And this year it's red!

I've seen it on the runways so much lately but last night's Academy Award ceremony confirmed it! And it really is a great color, no? I can't say it's my favorite but it's definitely up there. It's such a powerful color. And don't they say red walls in a home make you feel more passionate? It's just strong and bold and not the least bit shy. But it's not obnoxious either. It has an elegance about it. Red roses are a classic. Strawberries and juicy watermelon are red. Heck, even Dove dark chocolates are wrapped in red!

I don't own a lot of red clothing but every time I wear it I get compliments. I have fair skin and blonde hair - think Katherine Heigl.

Other colors that promise to be huge in fashion this year are yellow and royal/cobalt/marine blue.

What does the soda picture have to do with all of this? Nothing. Caffeine just makes me happy so I put it there. :) Try to ignore the dirty dishes in the sink. Our dishwasher died and goodness knows I'm not anxious to wash them by hand! I'm hoping The Man fixes or replaces it today!
Celebrity photo courtesy of MSN.


Jen Sue Wild said...

I was tottally love in all the Red . I think the color Red rocks.. Yes it is defently in this season.

Anonymous said...

& little clutches were EVERYTHING. Mostly metallic.


Red is my favorite for cars,
red shoes are it!