Saturday, February 09, 2008

Weekend gratefulness....

- Take and Bake pizza, which results in a night off for me
- A clean house
- no more sick kids!
- Sunshine and 54 degree temps
- a sleeping baby = peace and quiet
- having time to browse Country Living magazine
- having time to browse some of my favorite blogs (See the list on the right)
- Diet Dr. Pepper. What can I say? Caffeine makes me happy.
- Enjoying my space and my life at this moment


Tonya said...

"Enjoying my space and my life at this moment..."

I think if we could do this everyday we would all be very happy people!

Sounds like a very very nice list o' things to do on a Saturday...

Have a great day...



I hope you had a great day!
Now back to the real world
of cooking and family fun!

Amy-Razz Pizazz Boutique said...

Amen to that, no sick kids!!! Is Spring here yet?!?! I am getting impatient, about 30 degrees here in NY STILL! tee hee :)
Amy :)

angie.a said...

Woohoo for decent weather, eh Beki!! Better than the ice then 81 then tornado then snow we had last week!! :P

Gotta love the plains!!

Sew Gracious said...


As Martha would say . . "It's a GOOD THING!"