Wednesday, February 27, 2008

WHAT did you say?!

Last night we were out doing errands and The Man decided he wanted to go out to dinner somewhere. He obviously had a place in mind but wouldn't share with the rest of us, so we're cruising along and The Kids keep shouting out the name of every restaurant they see. Finally we make a turn into a parking lot and The Girl yells "Texas Road Ho!"

*choke* I laughed so hard and sputtered my sip of soda I'd just taken! The "use" at the end of the name was burned out on their neon sign.

So we had a lovely dinner at Texas Road Ho last night.


Ni-Chern Designs said...

lol. i love it when signs do that!

Erika Cass Designs said...


Sew Gracious said...


Ribbon Rock Star said...

LOL! I always crack up when signs are like that.

Texas Road ho, I have not been there in awhile.


marci said...

ROTFLMAO! That's hilarious! I wanna go to the Texas Road Ho! :)

Beadiful Things by Ann Westby said...

I think I know her (seeing as how I'm in Texas). She's a great cook. :-)