Saturday, March 29, 2008

To the moon!!...

How strange is it that etsy and NASA have partnered up? Click here to read about it.

In other etsy news, here is this week's Saturday Night Sale thread. I used to post these every weekend, but started forgetting. So if you're in a shopping kind of mood start here!


Anonymous said...

how odd!

I was more of a window surfing mood but the website etsy website was down for maintenance

"The forums are temporarily disabled while we perform maintenance on them."

Earmark Social said...

that is funny "space craft", ha ha!

I love your blog, very fun to read through... your daughters hair is super cute... that was quite a knot! :)

Bonny (Bonny Jewelry) said...

found you from one of your forum posts - swung by to say "hi"!

I hadn't seen the article on Etsy and NASA - who would have thought? too funny!

Anonymous said...

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