Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Can't talk now...

Busy week.
School program.
Church program.
Practice for both programs.
Lots of orders.
Birthday party.
Company coming.

Broken sentences make me sound much more frantic, don't you think?


Nnairda's said...

Yes, you sound pretty frenzied!

Sew Gracious said...

After weeks like this, you need a slow weekend! ;-)

Diana said...

Some of the best times in life are when we're at our most productive! It sounds like you lead a rich, full, wonderful slice of life. And I'm so glad.

I agree about sentence fragments. They paint. Pictures: nicely.


Rosebud Collection said...

Now that picture really says it all..
Sometimes you don't no where to go first..Take it easy..I know, easier said, than done.

Steffi said...

Oh yes,that sounds like a very busy week!I hope you have a quiet weekend!

AnnieRoso said...

heh heh -- hang in there!