Thursday, April 24, 2008

Grande Java Mocha Choco Latte please...(love list)

It's been dark and rainy here for a few days and I've been in such a coffee sort of mood! So here's what I'm thinking.

Get a set of these Coffee Break cards by viewfinder.

Make each one an invitation to one of your girlfriends to meet at the best coffee house in town.

When you're all there enjoying your joe and having much needed girl time, you present each of them with a little gift bag you've put together that includes a coffee corset by jenngee,

a fabulous Chocolate Espresso soap by daisycakessoap,

and a little sign for each of them to hang in thier kitchen like these coffee signs by soshabbyandprim.

You're now the best girlfriend in the group! Let's see them try to top that! Mmmmm coffee. LOVE it.


Wallcakes said...

Very inventive I love it. I posted your link on my new Indie Link-Up blog.

Just leave a comment in the information link next time you do a review and I'll post the link. Thanks.

Bunny Chic Boutique said...

LOVE your latest Blog Posting!! It makes me want a cup of Java ~ wait a minute ~ I don't even drink Coffee. You see how enticing your post is.

Have a "hoppy" one ~


Diana said...

ooOoo. I can see clearly how you'd be the most popular by far! What great ideas.


Mixed Species said...

We got a caffeine buzz just by reading this post. VERY nice!

gina said...

what a creative idea! i am going to purchase the soap right now for a friend of mine who needs a little pick me up.