Monday, April 14, 2008

Trust me. . . . . . (love list)

Babies NEED one of these. Yes need. When I weaned The Baby a while back, I discovered that a little hot pad was my best friend! I heated it a bit in the microwave, put it in his crib, and he snuggled with it and fell fast asleep. It was a lifesaver! Now I only wish I'd have known about these adorable pads from vivipod! My hot pad is ugly and these are just ridiculously cute! And it's really all about appearance, you know? You know it is. ;-)

The Strawberry

The Wormy apple

If you're a mom to a baby, a grandma, or someone attending a baby shower soon grab one of these! Trust me. I LOVE this!!


j said...

Very Cool! I just went shopping today for gifts for my soon to be born nephew. I'll look for one of these when I shop again!

Be blessed.


Rebekah said...

I love that strawberry one! I also like the fact that it goes in the microwave & stays warm longer than a hot water bottle and isn't corded like my heating pad - I need that about once a month ;)

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

So smart and cool!! Love this idea!
Thanks sweets for stopping by my blog!
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Unknown said...

i want a mommy-sized one!! =)

Steffi said...

Oh that´s so sweet!I love the strawberry!

Jennifer said...

Awwww! These are so adorable. I wish I knew about these too when my little guy was a baby!