Monday, May 12, 2008

A clean start..... . . . . . (love list)

One of my new favorite items to buy is handmade soap. And what better place than etsy? My kids have been the recipients of quite a few fun new soaps and they suddenly love bath time again!

A few ideas to get your own kids (or yourself) squeaky clean -

Polka Dot party soap by Naiad.

These adorable Sock Monkey Soapsicles by LoveLee are so cute they even had Martha Stewart talking!

Critter and bug soap like these from LilyBaySoap is great for little boys! The Boy in our family had this one and thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Kids of any age would love these tub crayons from billiessoapandspa. (YOU could even use it and write a note to your sweetheart on your shower wall!)

And finally, what kid doesn't need a bar of Monkey Fart soap from simplepleasuressoaps? Seriously people, that's funny!

I would guess that there is a soap out there for just about any theme you can imagine. Golf ball soap? Yep. Popcorn soap? Yep. Pirate Duck soap? Mm Hmm.


DivaDea said...

Hee! I've become fairly obsessed with etsy handmade soaps, too.

Rosebud Collection said...

What cute soaps..Who doesn't want to take a bath, when you have soaps like that..

Carvel Country Soapworks said...

I feel very privileged to be included among these great soapers. Thank you so much!

fluffnflowers said...

The crayons rock! I've been looking for them commercially for my guy (31 going on 4) and never thought to look on etsy. Thanks for posting this!

Steffi said...

Great work!Really beautiful handmade soaps!

Kim said...

I just ordered my first soaps off etsy, I think I'm hooked

Unknown said...

I LOVE handmade soaps TOO!!!
I am kinda a freak about it!
GREAT CHOICES for the whole family!

...been tempted to try the Monkey Fart fragrance one...I'm just not a huge banana fan...BUT I hear it REALLY SMELLS GREAT!

melissa said...

What a great feature! I love the frog.


Anonymous said...

are bliss in otherwise polluted life. I have been using Lass Cosmetics - Radianta - Almond & saffron goat milk soap with almonds since last 6 months and I must tell you all that it has brighten my skin tone and radiance. Give it a try! These guys have so many other soaps ... & they are all natural and handmade!!!