Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm unclean.

The Girl is now 8 years old and has started doing laundry lately. I've shown her how to sort, load the washer, and start it and about twice a week I have her do it. She does a really nice job. Sort of.

Last night she was loading the clothes in and I happened to be next to her and she told me "I really like doing this, but sometimes I have trouble pouring in the soap because it's too heavy."

Me - "Oh that's no problem. When you run into that, just let me know and I'll do the soap for you."

The Girl - "Oh, it's okay. I usually just do the laundry without the soap anyway."

Haha!! How long have we been wearing clothes that were only rinsed?!


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, that is just classic! I hope she "washes" the clothes on hot water then??

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Oh no, it's always cold water. Haha!!

AnnieRoso said...

bwahaaaaa! that's too funny. kids. :-)

gina said...

lol. i was gonna say 8-i'm impressed, now, not so much. :)

Jen Glover said...

Oh well,at least she is doing her own laundry! We are just trying to get through potty- training! Have a great week! Thanks for sharing the great story!

Sew Gracious said...

ah . . . those little details! ~sigh~

I'm still impressed that an 8 year old is doing laundry! :-)

Unknown said...

So FUNNY!!!!

I mean, hey, it's being washed in water right?!
So, cute...she completely didn't think anything was wrong with that.

...then again, I suppose it would be like getting in the bath or shower and letting the water run on you and then get out.
No soap!


Like Sew Gracious said....those little details...LOL

Bunny B said...

LOL! Great story :P

Unknown said...

ha! i love children. :-)