Thursday, May 15, 2008

Social Spark

You mean you want me to be more social? I'm already on blogger, flickr, facebook, myspace, ivillage, etsy, ebay, etc. *sigh* But that's not enough. ;-) Now I am on SocialSpark too.Those sites are all fine, but I don't get paid for them. (Okay well some of them I get paid for my jewelry, but I don't get paid for talking. On Social spark I do. And apparently I like to talk, since I have become an avid blogger.)

What is Social Spark? It is a social network for connection between bloggers and advertisers. As with anything new on the internet I feel like I am leaps and bounds behind everyone else. It took me years before I finally got a myspace page. Still to this day I am not sure I "get it". The same goes for flickr and facebook. And when I signed up for, it took me months to understand how to do it. But when I finally got it, I was thrilled at the money I made by blogging!

So now my understanding is that is turning into Social Spark. From my (the blogger's) point of view it's quite different because it means learning a whole new site. But from the advertiser's and readers points of view it's still similar to the old way. I get offered opportunities to write about, if I am comfortable with it I choose it, blog about it, fully disclose that I am getting paid for the post, and then wait for payment to hit my paypal account. Not too bad.

Here is my profile on Social Spark. PamperingBeki I imagine that there is a referral system of some sort so if you decide to sign up, I would be thrilled if you use me as a referral. But don't ask me questions about how much it works or how much I get paid as the referrer because I have no clue! Haha! It's official - I'm blonde.

**This is a sponsored post.**

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