Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Summer reading... . . . . . . . . (love list)

The Girl and I had the chance to read and review a book called Fairy Foals by author Suzanah. We LOVED it!! It's in stores now so be sure to look for it. To find out more about the book or the author, click here. (Suzanah is a fascinating lady so the site is worth checking out as well!)

Fairy Foals is the enchanting story of a woman who sets out to explore a magical garden, inherited from her grandmother. Along the way she encounters a plethora of exquisite creatures. But it’s the mystical creature she finds trapped in a spider-web that takes her breath away—the fairy foal. A fairy foal is a tiny horse with the wings of a beautiful butterfly or moth. The woman is amazed by the fairy foal’s beauty, and she captures it in a series of breathtaking illustrations that fill the pages of this wonderful book.

It's a light easy read and The Girl, who is 8 years old, really loved it. Horses and fairies together, what's not to love? As a mom, it's nice to see her reading rather than watching tv, and know that it's a clean wholesome book. LOVE that!


Rosebud Collection said...

What a wonderful read..Reading is the one gift that keeps on giving..

Mary Richmond said...

sounds like a nice time with your daughter. i remember those days--both reading a wonderful book by myself and being carried away to another land in my mind and reading with my girls, doing the i just enjoy the remembering while i wait for my little grandsons to get just a wee bit older. also, looks like you had a fabulous vacation!

LeaKarts said...

Ohmygosh, my 8 year old would LOVE this! I'll have to pick it up for her!