Sunday, July 06, 2008

Summer slide show, sort of...

Remember when your smelly Uncle Arthur would make you sit for hours as he flipped through slides and narrated each one? Well this is my version of that.

I'll make each description as brief as possible. And if you need to get up and sneak away, I'll never know. Gosh, I love blogs!

Here we go -
We went to our cabin in Colorado.
Cabin rule #1 - Bad fashion is a must.
As soon as we got there, the kids broke out the old games.

Hiking boots and Thomas the Train swim trunks are normal, right? (see rule #1)

(see rule #1)

Every cabin needs a good fort nearby.

The average temperature during the day.

Occasionally it gets cold enough that we need to go in for hot chocolate.

Shoes are apparently optional if you're 1.

Anywhere you look up you see this.

We played lots of frisbee golf.

Family time.

The cabin porch.

Wild flowers picked on a hike.

We didn't see any bears this time, but we saw lots of these. (Last time we were out there I had a run in with a bear! There was a bear paw print on the side of our car though where he'd looked in the window. But I accidentally deleted the picture.)

We drove up to Estes Park and stayed here.

Feeding sunflower seeds to a chipmunk.

A herd of elk walked by us.

We're obviously from out of town.

This church on the side of the road was so beautiful!

I wish The Baby would've done more of this.

We went to Cripple Creek for the 4th of July.

I love small town America.

They had these awesome sand sculptures everywhere!

Then back to the cabin. (Hiking in a nightgown, sweats, and flipflops, right? again, see rule #1.)

One of them made it across, the other didn't.

We went to the Olympic Training Center.

I saw this girl and had to take her picture. Do you know who she is? The first one to tell me why/how I recognized her will win a free pair of earrings. (I know the picture's blurry. She and I were both laughing.)

We also hit the Natural History museum in Denver.

Oh the necklace I could make with an 1837 carat stone!

There were many moments like this one and I was reminded of how blessed I am.


Anonymous said...

Those are 3 of the most gorgeous children in the universe! I can tell they're remarkably intelligent also.

Is the 'mystery girl' Nancy Kerigan? I notice the bandaid on her knee (haha)

An Anonymous and unbiased viewer

Julie said...

Love the pictures and the captions. Hey - one question . . . there is a see through image on the photo captioned I love small town america. Actually there seems to be two images on the sidewalk to the right. Now I assume you used a digital camera, right? How does a digital produce what appears to be a double exposure? The reason I ask is because I have had a similar thing happen to one of my photos and I can't figure it out. Thanks

Heidi Zawisza said...

WOW! These pictures are amazing! You look like you had such a fun time!

Cthings said...

I'm glad you had fun on your vacation. Love to look at the pictures. Don't you just love Colorado!
Okay I'm going to take a wild guess at who the pics is. I am going to guess it is a team member from Etsy. Our own HEYMICHELLE!
I hope you post it later and who the winner is.

Sew Gracious said...

What awesome pictures! I'm so glad you all had a wonderful vacation!

Missed ya! Glad you're back! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures, and it looks like a fantastic vacation!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Mystery Girl is not Nancy Kerrigan or Michelle from etsy. Good guess though!

blessedwith5, I emailed you but I'll post it here in case someone else is interested - it's just a super slow shutter that captured The Girl dancing on the sidewalk.

melissa said...

wow, what a great photo Blog! Your blog keeps on looking cooler and cooler! Looks like you had a great time! Awwww... Colorado!


Anonymous said...

I thought you loved my slide shows....Uncle Arthur

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Bahaha! Ummm, yes I loved them "Uncle Arthur".

A Lovely Thing said...

Wow. You guys were all over the place! Estes Park is heaven on earth. It's second on my list right behind Grand Lake.

I'm sorry I missed calling you while you were in my neck of the woods. I'm a bad blogging friend :(

Stacey Moore said...

great pictures!! looks like an awesome family vacation!! i would guess that the mystery person is a fellow blogger??

woolies said...

Such great pictures! Can I rent your cabin in the woods???

gina said...

Loved the pictures! I love the ones of your littl girl when she fell and after. Her personality shines through.

I love how the classic family vacation you guys embarked- looks like lots of memories were made.

My guess on the "double exposure" is the shutter speed was so slow it does that to the moving people in the frame. I love the effect of that photo though- very small town America evening!!

LeaKarts said...

Mmm...I grew up in Denver & I'm heading back in a couple of weeks. You made me even more exited for my trip--thank you!

meg duerksen said...

oh i recognize her...but i am going blank.
when my husband gets home i will ask him.
he'll know.
it's on the tip of my tongue.

this looks like a great trip.
i haven't been to colorado for a long time.
i think our kids would love it!
we need to get there again.

Lisa Abdul-Quddus said...

Gorgeous photos and a beautiful family!

Don said...

Do you have larger versions of these pictures? They look beautiful but they're so small. (One of the "joys" of 22 in. widescreen monitors)