Saturday, August 16, 2008

I love Noggin...

far too much probably but that's okay.

I love this song!
I love the music. I love the message in the song. I love the dancing. I adore this kid's voice! (Leon Thomas is his name, by the way.) I love the way The Baby's eyes light up when this is on.

Turn off my blog music on the right and then watch this.

And then little rocker kids! How stinkin' cute!!!
This is Steve from Blue's Clues. My kids still don't believe me when I tell them that but whatever. It is. It's also Steven Drozd of The Flaming Lips. Kids rockin' it are so funny.


kim* said...

i will have to come back and share this with my nephew... he really will appreciate these videos :)

Dana said...

My kids are past the age of Noggin now but I still sing the song sometimes. How can I not?

Sew Gracious said...

I didn't know Leon Thomas's name, but have seen him on iCarly. He has a great talent!

Yes . . we are sadly past Noggin, but I still love it. Little Bear is my all-time favorite, followed by the original Blues Clues.

Steve Burns . . . who woulda thunk that? LOL

Ali said...

You have made my day with this video--I love Steve! Noggin, too. My 6 and 4 yr olds are in a Max and Ruby phase.

Jus Shar Designs said...

My dd12 still hasn't gotten over Steve leaving Blues Clues.... :-)