Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Clean Freak...

That's what The Baby has become.

Yesterday he dumped a new bottle of shampoo into his running bath water to make "Boh-Bohs!!!" and boy did it work. He had bubbles about 3 feet high! I didn't get a picture though.

Today he dumped a bottle of Victoria's Secret body spray all over himself. He couldn't get the sprayer to work so he just took the whole top off and poured it. He smells lovely now.

And just because I thought it was cute, here's a picture of the one leaf that's turning colors before any of the others. I love an outcast... ;-)


moxylyn said...

OMG these photos are unbelievably gorgeous!! and I like "boh-bohs" in the tub too!

Unknown said...

te he! that's funny. i admire his ambition and interest in the finer things in life. lol.

and the rebellious leaf...sweet. i like it.

Cathe Holden said...

at least it wasn’t Polo!

Ha, what a lovely "who me?" face.

Your blog is so pleasant, Beki.

tscrapper said...

Love the leaf photo! Sounds like something my little one would do, too. :)


YaYa's Funhouse said...

Again, awesome pictures. My younger son did the bathtub thing also, but with baby powder. He like to open and squeeze the container and watch the powder rise up like "smoke". Needless, to say the tub was yucky with "smoke". HA!!!

Anonymous said...

He's adorable!

I remember when my son dumped an entire bottle of Downy into the wash. We had verrry soffft clothes!


Anonymous said...

Well, it is a step up from the red nail polish all over his face, isn't it? LOL

I love reading about his little antics of the day.