Thursday, October 30, 2008

Never settle.

You are not average and your cards don't need to be either. Mrsdstahl makes gorgeous cards for super affordable prices.

The best part? She's giving you guys a 10% discount! Just enter code "PamperingBeki" in your checkout process and you'll receive a 10% rebate on your purchase. Easy peasy!

You can click on any of these images to go to the listing. Or click here to go to the entire shop.

It's time to start thinking about Holiday cards, and there is always a need for Thank You or Thinking of You type cards.

Happy Card Shopping! I LOVE these cards.


Anonymous said...

She does have some beautiful card products! I love the paisley!

Bagladee said...

Hi PamperingBeki.....TAG YOU'RE IT!!!! You've been tagged, check out my blog if you have 5 minutes to take part too. thanks. xx


Love the 'Musical Notes'!! Of to check out this shop! :0)

nic said...

cool beans! i adore handmade cards. :)