Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yet again...

more new listings! I'm swimming in jewelry here people.

Thankful necklace

Mariner earrings

Bad Apple necklace

Bad Apple earrings

Belle earrings

Dream necklace

Update: The Bad Apple earrings and necklace have sold so those links are dead now.


Unknown said...

Beautiful jewelry. I need to buy the beautiful butterfly necklace. I will go to your Etsy store. I love, love your blog.

Kendall Smith said...

Hi Beki--
That's funny that you found my blog, because just the other day I found your's through Jess's blog! You've got such a creative one!!! You make your own jewelry???

melissa said...

Pretty Pretty! Love the butterfly!
Off to visit your store once again.


Anonymous said...

I just love those Belle earrings! The purple is so vibrant and rich looking!

Bridget said...

your jewelry is great, I especially like the letter stamped pieces.