Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Have you seen my broom?

This mean mom needs it today.

Apparently I'm the meanest mom in the world and you know what? I don't even care! Haha!

Mornings are always a bit chaotic at our house but today was especially so. For some reason The Boy just wouldn't move quickly.
He was in a great mood, laughing, making jokes, running around wild. I'll take this over grumpy pants any day!

But he just wouldn't get ready. He was too busy playing.
"10 minutes until we leave!!", I yelled throughout the house.

"Okay mom!", he yelled back. (What he really meant was "Oh, did mom say something? What was that noise?")

"3 minutes!! You better HUSTLE young man!". I was getting annoyed.

"Okay mom!". (Meaning, "Did mom say something again? I thought I heard something.")

"Guess what? It's time to go and you haven't brushed your teeth or put shoes and socks on yet. You get to stay here and do chores all day long!"

He looked at me a little stunned as I walked out the door to take The Girl to school. Our school is only 2 blocks away so I left him here.

I came home and immediately put him to work.
"I want you to start a load of laundry, take out the recycling, and do the dishes."

"Okay mom." (Meaning, "Holy cow! She was serious! What kind of mom is this?!")

I made him work for about 40 minutes and of course he thought he was going to die. Then I gave in and took him to school, on my witch broom.

Do you ever have those "mean mom" moments and not feel guilty about it?


Shorty said...

No broom needed, my dear. I think you handled the situation very nicely. And, I'm sure he was never happier to get to school. Hopefully, lesson learned!

Shannon said...

Good for you!

If you want, you can send him over here next time. I have enough chores to keep him busy ALL day!!

raych said...

Natural consequences!!! Natural consequences are the boon of the childcare worker, because we aren't allowed to hit the kids (obviously) or take away their snacks or force them to take the time-out we sat them on.

SO! You are not ready to go to school? That means you don't go to school! And those of us who don't go to school have to stay home and do chores, because that's what mom does all day.

Sometimes you have to fudge the consequence to make it both 'natural' and 'unpleasant,' but I think you carried this one off nicely.

Alicia @ Oh2122 said...

This is not mean, IT'S BRILLAINT!

Sure, procrastinate, be late, but know that what you think is just staying home is waaay more work than you think!

I need to write this down.

Unknown said...

I bet tomorrow he'll be ready to go before you even have a chance to ask him to be :)

MGF said...

I think I might use this someday.

Liz Harrell said...

Well, I realize I'm an outsider to the mom circle, but I think you're a genius! :)

T.Allen said...

Haha! Perfect. We homeschool, and I often pick up a Somerset or Real Simple magazine, have a seat on the sofa and say, "Okay, you're just going to be ill informed while the rest of the world knows all about XYZ" That gets my 9 year old up, and in gear toute de suite!

Vicki said...

My guess is that he will listen to the woman with the broom, the next time she is telling him to get the lead out! I believe this is what you call a significant emotional event, i.e a wake up call! Someday he will laugh about it and thank you for it!

Unknown said...

oh, he's climbing up the doorway! i remember that. ha ha!!

way to get 'im moving.