Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm a simple girl.

And I'm thankful for simple things like -

eggnog in my coffee.
a good night's sleep.
my favorite denim jacket with a vintage rhinestone brooch.
being able to drive to the post office and not having to walk the two miles.
peanut butter fudge. (I'll share the recipe soon.)
Abreva, to take care of the fever blister I'm getting from eating too much fudge.
my cluttered house that shows signs of happy children.
moments like this.

saturday blog surfing.
our new mattress. (The Baby tried it out in the store and knew which one was perfect.)

For those who participated in the 2008 Blogger Ornament Exchange, we now have a flickr group to connect and share pictures through! Click here to see. I'm a bit of a flickr dummy so you guys have to help me out there, okay?

Have a great weekend!


Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Good idea! I went ahead and added my ornament photos :-)

Unknown said...

It truly is the little things in life that make it so worth living :)

gina said...

Simple things are the BEST!!

That mattress looks DIVINE! :)

I'm going to check out the flicktr group...

Unknown said...

Such a sweet little boy.....I love the sleeping pictures. Have a great Saturday!

Unknown said...

the picture of him in that bed makes me laugh.
lovely new items. the wreath could pass for a bracelet.

Unknown said...

ok. some of that last comment was meant for the other post...