Tuesday, December 16, 2008

9 more days!!

until I get my computer back!

What, does something else happen in 9 days also? Oh yeah, Christmas. ;-)
If you're new to my blog, I'm without a computer right now.
This means no new pictures, no new products, and not-too-exciting blog posts.

Normally, I'm a fabulous blogger filled with ideas and inspiration and thousands of people flock here daily to hang on my every word.

Okay, none of that was really true but it was fun to say.

I'm doing a lot of re-blogging lately and here is one of the projects we made a while back.

Handmade Holiday Fabric

I'm mom to The Baby, who isn't really a baby anymore and is known for his messes.

And The Boy and The Girl, who are usually wonderful little people who I'm proud to claim as my own. Usually.

We've done so many fun Christmas crafts this year, but I guess I'll have to wait a year to show them. Boy, my blog should be full of great tutorials next winter, though!

Close your eyes for a second and imagine a quaint little midwest town covered in a blanket of beautiful white snow. That's us right now.
5 inches last night and more expected today.

Imagine a house built in 1924, filled to the brim with Christmas decorations.
We have 10 foot ceilings and a 9 foot skinny tree that almost reaches the top.
It's covered in ornaments that don't match and many were handmade by kids.
It's just the way I like it.
The only theme I have in holiday decorating is classic red and green, with lots of sparkle. There's never really too much sparkle, is there? Not in my world.

I hope you're having a wonderful warm day blog hopping, sitting with a throw blanket over your lap, a warm drink next to your keyboard (coffee, tea, cider, chocolate, you pick), and loved ones nearby. Happy Holidays!

Oh yeah, don't forget to stop by Kimba's place for lots more Christmas blog hopping!


Unknown said...

Oh Beki,
Don't be so hard on yourself... you have a lovely way of revamping old photos and sharing new things!

I am so happy to have a snow day today!

take care!

Sylvia C.

Unknown said...

I loved the revamped stuff...I haven't been on here too long so it' ALL NEW TO ME! Your kids are precious and your home sounds like a WONDERFUL TRIBUTE to a family Christmas!

Sorry about you getting WEIRD SPAM comments. I haven't run across that yet, but I'm sure it's strange and disheartening. US REAL BLOGGERS, love you posts so don't pay attention to the "bad comments" ...they are obviously made by haters! :)

MGF said...

I feel like you have been dealin with issue for so long. At least it will be a nice present to get it back.

Sew Gracious said...

:) Somethings are good enough to repeat! Sorry you are still w/o your computer. You've done better than I would have for this long!

Decor To Adore said...

Love the snow!
I hope you'll visit soon, I will have my last giveaway of December this Friday.

Anonymous said...

Love the snow. We got a very small amount yesterday and I need more!

Unknown said...

now *that's* snow. that lil tease we got last week was nothing. :-/

i love how crafty you and the little ones are! :-D

Tamara Jansen said...

We're getting a ton of snow out our way as well and it's making life a bit more difficult. Wet and slushy for driving!

Merry Christmas!